Christ Ambassadors Sacco Society Limited is a Christian and community based organization. The society started as an initiative of the Redeemed Gospel Church, Ruiru.
The Church initiated the formation of the society as one, among many of its development projects, to help the members of its congregation improve their economic well-being through thrift and pooled resources.

It is out of this desire that the church identified the formation of a savings and co-operative society (Sacco) a vehicle towards this goal, hence the birth of Christ Ambassadors Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Limited.

Membership to Christ Ambassadors Sacco is open to all members of the Redeemed Gospel Church, Ruiru and intends to open up to other churches as the society grows.



Christ Ambassadors Sacco Society is registered under the Co-operative Societies Act, Cap 490 of the laws of Kenya through the Ministry of Co-operative Development and Marketing.

Members are allowed to save and borrow money in accordance with society’s by-laws.


The society is also mandated to carry out investment of surplus funds on behalf of members in accordance with the society’s by-laws and as guided by the Act and the Rules therein.


  1. Encourage members to save and deposit consistently
  2. Expand and raise capital
  3. Increase capital investment in related organizations and any other profitable organization.
  4. Streamline loan procedures
  5. Attract, develop and retain the best human resources


The following are the core values of Christ Ambassadors Sacco which are:

  1. Transparency and accountability in all its dealings
  2. Project a positive image of the Sacco within the community
  3. Faithfulness and stewardship
  4. Honesty and integrity
  5. Equality for all
  6. Responsible corporate Citizen.