Membership Categories

The membership of Christ Ambassador Sacco is made up of persons who have voluntarily come together to meet their common economic and social needs. Membership is subject to payment of share capital as provided in the Society’s by-laws. The primary objective of membership is therefore to mobilize savings and afford members access to credit as a way of enhancing their socio-economic well-being.

  1. Individual membership/personal.
  1. Corporate membership

        This targets groups and organizations which must be legally registered with the government.

        A member of the Society can only operate an account under:

Back Office Accounts (BOSA): Accounts under this category are non-withdraw-able and are operated for purposes of regular savings against which individual and corporate members can apply for loans.

 How to join

Individual membership

  1.  Duly completed registration form;
  2.  If 18 years and above, a copy of the national ID
  3.  If below 18 years, a copy of Birth Certificate and copy of the guardian’s ID
  4.  2 passport size photographs and 2 also for the guardian if a minor.
  5.  Complete the nominee form.
  6.  Pay non-refundable registration fee of Ksh.500
  7.  Fully paid up share capital of 100 shares of Ksh.20 each.
  8.  Minimum monthly contribution of Ksh.500.

Corporate Membership

  •  Duly completed registration form;
  •  2 passport size photographs for each office bearer
  •  Business registration certificate
  •  Resolutions/minutes
  •  Pay non-refundable registration fee of Ksh.1,000
  •  Fully paid up share capital of 100 shares of Ksh.20 each.
  •  Minimum monthly contribution of Ksh.2,000.

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Online Membership Application

Prospective members can now register online for membership through our fully automated, convenient, secure and transactional Online Membership Application Web Portal.